Monday, April 22, 2013

"Save our Earth," a poem

Save Our Earth
by David Weller

green ecology
healthy, clean environment
losing the battle

stocks, bonds and money
out of touch with our main street
absence of the soul

mountains now topless
streams, rivers now sewage pipes
unwelcome to seas

rain still comes and goes
but their intensity woes
detract from living

is it drought we want
or floods and wind damages?
carbon makes the score

does it matter if
you are left, right, center when
there's too much carbon?

"I don't know for sure."
"I have my heart set on no."
That's disappointing.

leadership reminds
constituents importance
there's too much carbon

we are its steward
return to nature and we
return to living

sunshine, breeze, rain, waves
come into my life today
energy God made

make peace with the Earth
nature gives more than you think
it's ours, we're steward