Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Read New Book on Deliberation and Democracy

From:  Democratizing Deliberation: A Political Theory Anthology  |  NCDD

  • This book addresses many of the most common challenges to the theory and practice of deliberative democracy.

  • Chapters and Authors…

  • Foreward by David Mathews

  • Introduction by editors Derek W. M. Barker, Nöelle McAfee, and David W. McIvor

  • Public reason and beyond: broadening concepts of deliberation

  • Deliberation in complex systems: everyday talk and de-centered

  • From talk to action: democratic practice and public work

  • Ordering Info:  Call 1-800-600-4060 to order your copy of the 184-page book, or email your order and mailing address to  The list price is $15.95, but there is a 20% discount in effect until October.

  • Note from NCDD…  Soon after Democratizing Deliberation is officially released, NCDD will be running our first online book club on the book, using the NCDD blog and other communication tools to engage NCDDers in the book’s contents chapter by chapter.  See for the full announcement of the book club and sign up now!