Monday, April 23, 2012

Use PopVox When an In-Person Visit or Phone Call to Your Congress Member is Not Practicable

From:  PopVox: How to advocate your cause in Congress, by JD Lasica  |  Socialbrite

  • Professional advocates are good at mobilizing support for or against a particular bill.  [For individuals' personal needs, however,] "PopVox funnels voices into very specific asks,” she said.

  • While an in-person visit or phone call from a constituent is still the best way to influence a member of Congress, that’s not always practicable-- bring in PopVox.

  • On PopVox, a visitor has to choose a bill on a certain topic and support or oppose it as a first step.

  • The site then works each day to make sure voters’ messages are delivered through something called Congressional Web forms.

  • Transparency is part of the PopVox formula.  When you use the service, the public and news media can see the comments you send to members.

  • Citizens and advocates also have the option to share their cause, plea or rant via Facebook, Twitter and across the social Web.

For details, please view this very informative introductory video by SocialBrite.