Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Public deliberation" poems

As we debate in our nation's capital, let us take a moment to reflect on the inherent wisdom of our higher selves.  Life is always a sign of hope; let life sustain us to a just and right solution.

Public deliberation
by David Weller

about doubt!
no doubt about it!
we all have it!
we must move on, though,
human beings require work...

in fullness of doubt
does one turn about
and remain
true to

honesty, without
eternity to believe,
means nothing to me

hearts are one when we
go each our own way, when we
never make th' other stay

breaking the sweetness
with vapors of great feats, lest
we grow eliteness

doubt that you own the
moon and all of its brightness, and
you will be right less

it doesn't matter
"how" it's done,
just get "wise"
in how it's
never quite won...

love denies pain and
glory and foresight and all
that's left of what's right

Love hates sinning and
likes you without winning, so
that's selfless giving!